Clan Claus Society Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my membership fee go?

Membership fees will be used to pay for the following items:

  • Membership Certificates
  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Paper Supplies
  • Website domain name registration and renewal with lock-in
  • Tartan registration fees
  • Molds for The Clan Crest Badge
  • Clan Merchandise
  • Highland Games and Festivals entry fees, table, chairs and tent rentals
  • Financial Management
  • Legal fees
  • Other related expenditures

As you can see The Clan Claus Society has special needs beyond the usual start up cost of other organizations. All of the labor and all cash expenditures to date have been made with private funds from the Founder & Chairman.

Now we know your first question - Can you belong to The Clan Claus Society without purchasing a kilt or other Clan specific items? The answer is YES.

Above all else, The Clan Claus Society is a Christmas family. Anyone who keeps the spirit of Christmas in their heart is already an honorary member of the Clan whether they officially join the Clan or not.

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