History of The Clan Claus Society

History of The Clan Claus Society

The basic concept for The Clan Claus Society was developed in early January 2008, when a few Santa's who were involved as members of the online Santa forum ClausNET.com began discussing several Scottish-themed events which were taking place across the United States and in Scotland itself. While we are not exactly sure as to when the words "Clan Claus" were first used, the concept took off rapidly. Soon we were talking about kilts, the Clan Crest and even a Coat of Arms. However, as the months passed things stalled and had reached a point whereby no one had the time or the resources to bring everything together.

Then Santa Kona Gant, stepped in. Santa Kona, besides being a professional Santa Claus, he firmly believed in the family ideals inherent in the spirit of the Scottish Clan's way of life. Accordingly, Santa Kona made the time --- and within several weeks, a Tartan Design Contest, an official Clan Crest Badge, and the concept for a website were thrown together. Finally, on June 1st, 2008, The Clan Claus Society was officially formed and authorized by Santa Claus.

Santa Kona put together a consortium of professional Santa Claus performers: Including Santa Bruce "Mac Claus" Arnold, and Santa Bear Garner. Together, these Jolly Old Elves, along with Mrs. Zellna Shaw another Advisory Board member, dedicated themselves to establishing a unique family of Santa's, Mrs. Clauses, Elves, Reindeer Handlers, Helpers and others who, in similar fashion, sought to perpetuate the traditions and family values of the Scottish Santa Claus.

Many aspects of the life and journeys of Santa Claus have been realized in books, movies, television shows and other media, but until now, no major organization has focused on a specific connection to one individual aspect of Santa's persona.

All that changed with the creation of The Clan Claus Society, who's Founder and Advisory Board Members each had their own separate passion for all things Scottish, the Celtic arts in general, and especially, the music of Scotland's most famous musical instrument, the Great Highland Bagpipe. They asked themselves many questions concerning Santa's Scottish heritage: What are the ways in which the Christmas season is celebrated in Scotland? Who are the prime participants of a Scottish Christmas? How could they introduce to the general public this rich Scottish history within the context of a family-oriented atmosphere?

Family will be the cornerstone to all of The Clan Claus Society activities, including this website. Our basic mission will be to bring our members together in a family-friendly atmosphere, where the magic of Christmas and the Traditions of Scottish Culture can be enjoyed and experienced by all.

Officially there are no officers in the Society. Santa Kona Gant will act as the Clan's Founder / Chairman. For whom the Society's unique purpose is that of a family unit, not a business. However, Santa Kona has created an Advisory Board of select individuals who have an abundance of knowledge of Scottish history.

Santa Kona and the Advisory Board invite anyone and everyone who believes not only in the spirit of Christmas and family fun, but also in the thrill that only the spirit of the Scottish Highlands can inspire, to join The Clan Claus Society.

To all nations throughout the world, the Society and its membership extend best wishes for Peace, Joy and our Warmest of Blessings during the coming Christmas Season.

Submitted By: Santa Richard Washington Philosopher

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