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Specific Clan Claus Society related items will be made available for purchase to members only. Many of these items require detailed artwork and some require approval before production. This process has already begun and as the items are available the membership will be notified along with the cost of each item.

Tartan Yardage

Yardage is available in varying weights Light Weight 10oz, Medium Weight 13oz, and Heavy Weight 16oz with a minimum weave of 30 meters by 55" wide. The minimum yardage of 30 meters must all be of the same weight. Prices vary accordingly and you will be quoted the current fabric price when you place your order. All yardages will be ordered through The Clan Claus Society and must be paid in full before they can be ordered.


There are many established tailoring companies located in the United States and abroad. Most of these companies offer Free Catalogs. A listing of these companies can be found on our Links page. Kilt prices vary according to style and size and the catalogs contain instructions for measuring. The catalogs also contain other related items such as jackets, skirts, jewelry, headwear, footwear, knives, sporrans, bagpipes, and other Celtic items.

Our Crest Badge

As most Santa's use brass or gold plated belt buckles and buttons The Clan Claus Society has decided not to use the traditional pewter Clan Crest Badges. The Clan Claus Society's Badges will be gold plated. This alone will make our Clan Members stand out from the crowd at Highland Games or other Scottish Events. Add our tartan, white hair and beards and it will be hard not to notice us. The Clan Crest Badges can also be worn on Santa Hats or Santa Suits, Mrs. Claus's Dresses or Elf costumes.

All Clan Claus Society merchandise will be sold separately and are not be part of the membership fee. As our membership grows and funds are available, we hope to offer addition Clan Claus Society items.

Additional Clan Claus Items

We currently have the following Clan Claus Society items for sale. Please call for pricing.
  • Gold Clan Crest Badges
  • Clan Crest Blazer Badges (Large & Small)
  • Lapel Pins
  • Sliver Ladies Crest Necklace
  • Car Door Magnets
  • Wooden Clan Claus Society Ornaments
  • Clan Crest Patches 4.25 inches
  • Ladies Tartan Sash
  • We do embroidered Polo shirts when we have enough for the minimum order.

There will be additional Clan Claus items for sale such as T-shirts, Clan Stickers, Coffee Cups, Can Coolers, Pens, Flags and Banners as funds become available for production.

You may not produce or sell any items that use The Clan Claus Society name, Crest or Logo without written authorization to do so.

We are now able to accept Pay-Pal and Square payments for all of your purchases

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