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Clan Claus Septs (Associated Families)

Here is a listing of Iconic, Historical, and Religious Names Commonly Associated with Santa Claus.
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Claus Septs:

This list is not all inclusive or complete. Should you have a name that does not appear, please send it to us for review and possible addition.

Sept Name: Country: Sept Name: Country:
Gaghant Baba Armenia Santy Ireland
Austria Babbo Natale
La Befana (Female)
Sinterklass Belgium Kaledu Senis Lithuania
Diado Coleda
Grandfather Christmas
Bulgaria Sinterklass Netherlands
Pere Noel Canada Julenissen Norway
Viejito Pascuero Chile Gwiazdor Poland
Shengdan Laoren China Pai Natale Portugal
El Nino Jesus Columbia Mos Cracium Romania
San Nicolas
El Nino Jesus
Santa Clos
Costa Rica Ded Moroz
Grandfather Frost
Bozicnjak Croatia Santa Claus Scotland
Julemanden Denmark Jultomten ot Tomten Sweden
Jouluvana Estonia Christkind
Le Pere Noel
Pere Noel
France Old Man Christmas Taiwan
Joulupukki Finland Noel Baba Turkey
Germany Father Christmas United Kingdom
Saint Basil Greece Santa Claus
Saint Nicholas
Kris Kringle
United States
Kanakaloka Hawaii Sion Corn Wales
Mikulas Hungary Deda Mraz Yugoslavia

Mac and Mc & Spelling Variations

There is quite a bit of misinformation and errors about this. Mac simply means "son of", and Mc and M' are simply abbreviations of Mac. Some think that Mc is Irish and Mac is Scottish, but this is not true. In both Ireland and Scotland, as well as other countries in the world this holds true.

There are many spelling variations of names. For instance, some of the ways that the name Claus has been varied are; MacClaus, McClaus, M'Claus, Mclaus, Klaus, Klaws, etc. The usage of a capitol or lower case letter after the Mac is also just a variation. Some individuals insist on using a lower case letter in this case. This is not incorrect or correct, rather it is only a personal preference.

Several reasons are behind these variations in a name. Some emigrants, who went to other countries, changed their own names to avoid persecution and ridicule. Some wanted to "Americanize" their names. Some individuals, while being processed through emigration in different countries, might have been illiterate and could not write or spell. In these cases the emigration officials wrote down what they interpreted the immigrant as having said and therefore many spelling variations and complete name changes occurred.

Member of the Scottish Tartan Authority
Member of the Scottish Tartan Authority

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