The Clan Claus Society Tartan

The Clan Claus Society Tartan

The Clan Claus Society Tartan It came as a great surprise to us as we were forming The Clan Claus Society to find out that there was no registered Tartan for Santa Claus. How could this be we asked ourselves? We have all seen images of Santa Claus wearing a Kilt and even playing the Bagpipes before, but as we searched for a Santa Claus Tartan we came up empty handed.

So using an online Tartan Design Program we started the process of creating a Tartan for Santa. The design program link was posted on and the fun began. After about three weeks of playing with the program Santa Kona put together the design contest.

First we asked for contestants. The rules were quite simple; every contestant would be allowed three entries. Each contestant would have three weeks to submit their entries.

Here is where the hard part began - we had so many great designs entered, picking one was almost impossible. So with the help of Santa Mike Reilly, Founder, the decision was made to have two rounds of voting. In the first round all members of ClausNet would have two votes to cast for their favorite designs. The top four designs would then move forward to the final round.

In round two all members of had only one vote to cast for their favorite design. When the voting was complete we had our winning design. We were proud to see it had been submitted by our very own Santa Bruce "Mac Claus "Arnold.

When you register a tartan with The Scottish Tartans Authority part of the process is that you must give not only thread counts for your colors but also you must give them the meaning of what your colors represent. Santa Bruce's thread counts and color representations are:

Thread Count:

  • Red: 42
  • Green: 6
  • Red: 42
  • Green: 32
  • Yellow 6
  • White: 4
  • Yellow: 6


  • Red: Is the Traditional color of Santa Claus.
  • Green: For the Evergreen, Holly & Mistletoe which represents Christmas Traditions.
  • Yellow: Three bands of Yellow to represent the Three Bags of Gold that St. Nicholas gave to the Three Daughters of the Merchant.
  • White: Two bands of White for Purity, and for the Snow and Ice of the North Pole.

Our Tartan Claus of the North Pole is registered with:

  • The Scottish Tartan Authority Certificate # 7869 January 10, 2009
  • Certificate of Inclusion into The Scottish Register of Tartans August 5, 2011

Oh, I forgot to mention the Fabulous Grand Prize (beyond bragging rights) that went to the winner - a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.

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