The Clan Claus Society

The Clan Claus Society

On the 1st day of June in the year 2008, Santa Claus authorized the formation of The Clan Claus Society.

Purpose & Mission

The Clan Claus Society embodies the desire to preserve and perpetuate the history, ideals, traditions, family values, and heritage of the Scottish Santa Claus persona.

The Clan Claus Society is fundamentally different from any other Santa group. All members will participate in an organization that is totally "FAMILY" oriented. As such, the Society invites like-minded individuals to join together to share in the Christmas family camaraderie and to encourage others to uphold the traditions of the Scottish Santa Claus persona throughout the year keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive in the hearts of all ages.

The Clan Claus Society will take an active role in all Santa oriented events. Members will be encouraged to participate in these events and will be expected to represent The Society in a friendly, jovial manner maintaining the dignity of the persona. We made the debut of The Clan Claus Society at the Celebrate Santa Convention, March 2009, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The goal of The Clan Claus Society is to be represented in every State and Province, and as many Countries as possible.

  • Each State, Province or Country may apply for a Charter (Charter requires a minimum of twelve (12) members in good standing for any application to be considered.)
  • Once a Charter is approved, they may elect an Advisory Board if they so choose.
  • They may conduct meetings and hold Clan Claus gatherings in compliance with The Clan Claus Society's Code of Conduct.
  • They may not collect dues of any kind.
  • They may hold fundraisers, obtain independent sponsorships and or request voluntary donations.
  • Under no circumstances may any Charter violate the Paid for Life Membership Policy of The Clan Claus Society or refuse any Clan Member in good standing entrance to any Clan event because the member did not or could not make a "Voluntary Donation".
  • Members are encouraged to take an active role in their state and regional Highland Games, local parades and other activities - always portraying Santa in an appropriate and positive manner.

The Organizational Structure

The Clan Claus Society will not be incorporated and will have no officers. The Society will function as a Social Organization under the leadership of the Founder and Chairman. The Advisory Board comprised of members selected by the Founder and Chairman from the Membership and or other related professions and organizations. The members of this Advisory Board will serve for a term to be specified at a later date. A listing of the current Advisory Board Members and their contact information can be found under the Menu Heading "Contact Us".

The Society is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the EIN number has been issued. The need to file for Tax Exempt Status has not been determined at this time.

The domain name has been purchased and secured.

All necessary trademarks, copyrights, website registrations, and any other legal or accounting documentation will be secured by the Founder and Chairman. The Founder and Chairman will be the custodian of these documents on behalf of The Clan Claus Society.

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